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I'm Alicia and I want to share these Venus Factor testimonials with you as I believe it to be the best weight loss system for women. Many workout programmes and weight loss systems for women on the internet make unbelievable claims without evidence to make them up and as a personal trainer, I've tried and tested more of these methods than I care to remember. I'm afraid I must inform you that most of them do not live up to the claims. Venus Factor is different, as the Venus Factor testimonials on this website will show! Created by John Barban PhD who has over twenty years in the health and fitness industry, it is a fat loss system for women like no other. You can watch a short presentation by John Barbaran here where he talks about his background in the weight loss for women industry and the role leptin plays in fat loss for women.

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 This blog showcases some of Venus Factor's success stories; women who have found the best fat loss system for women and succeeded in shedding the pounds to develop the slim, athletic physiques we all dream of.

I've been helping women lose weight for all my adult life and Venus Factor is something I believe in. If you would like to try Venus Factor but are having doubts that it is another marketing ploy by an increasingly dishonest health and fitness industry, the photographs on this blog will hopefully come as some reassurance to you. Check out Venus Factor using this link for a free presentation by the creator and an exclusive discount.

Are you already a Venus Factor member? Submit your testimonial with "before and  after" photos to to be included on this page!

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